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Are you looking for new career opportunities? Poland, the heart of Europe, opens its doors to workers from all over the world! Poland offers plenty of job opportunities in a wide variety of industries – from IT to manufacturing.

Have you decided to take up employment in Poland? Rightly so! However, it’s crucial to ensure that you enter Europe legally. To do this, you’ll need: the right visa and work permit. We can assist you in preparing the necessary documents or guide you through the procedure.

If you’re already in Poland, did you know that you can replace these two documents with just one? Discover the benefits of the temporary residence and work permit.


Illegal work in Poland poses serious consequences, including deportation, a ban on entry to the Schengen zone, and a financial penalty. Sound serious? Yes, it is! Don’t take a risk, you’re on the right page to gain peace of mind about your legal employment. A temporary residence and work permt in Poland can provide this assurance for up to 3 years.


Have you already decided to come to Poland? We welcome you to our country, but remember the importance of the legal basis for your stay. Obtain a national visa, also known as a long-term visa, allowing you to enter the Republic of Poland for more than 90 days. With this visa, you can also work in Poland.


Are you preparing to enter the Republic of Poland? Make sure you have completed all administrative formalities – this is no joke! Illegal border crossing and unauthorized work carry serious consequences. Our guidance on obtaining a residence permit is dedicated especially for you. We will explain the current rules in detail, provide information on what to do and how, and even assist in preparing the necessary documents.

You are thinking about new horizons, new challenges and unlimited opportunities

Europe is rapidly becoming one of the most desirable destinations on the map. Why? Job in Europe is not just a job. It’s a whole palette of cultural, linguistic and life experiences waiting for you just around the corner. Are you ready for a European adventure? Here are some reasons why you should choose this continent as your career destination.

We have it all: a friendly environment for expats, attractive job offers for foreigners along with a package of additional facilities. We’ve got it! European, and Polish, employers have prepared packages that make it easier to come and work legally in Poland. If you are looking for a job, check out job offers in Poland. We will help you go through the entire administrative path and meet the requirements for foreigners looking for work in Europe.

Documents necessary for a foreigner to work in Poland

If, like many other foreigners, you decide to work in Poland, it will be necessary to take care of administrative formalities.

Fulfilling the formal requirements will help you avoid penalties and difficulties. To work legally, you must meet specific requirements and gather the appropriate documents. Below is a comprehensive guide to the documents necessary for non-EU citizens to work in Poland.

Work permit in Poland

The first step for any foreigner who wants to work in Poland is to obtain a work permit. This is an official document confirming that a foreigner has the right to work in Poland for a specified period of time. The process of obtaining a permit can be complicated and requires the collection of many documents, such as an employment contract, documents confirming professional qualifications and other documents required by the labor office. However, it will be completed for you by your Polish employer.

Visa type D

The formalities required to obtain a national visa type D involve preparing the necessary documentation along with a set of supporting documents. These should be submitted to the relevant consulate of the Republic of Poland. Finding this process complicated? Dislike waiting in queues at offices for intricate administrative procedures? Don’t worry; we’ll assist you with everything and guide you through the entire process of obtaining a Polish visa.

Temporary residence permit

Anyone planning to work for more than 3 months can obtain a residence permit and residence card. Why is it worthwhile, and why should it be done? Avoiding fines – is only the most visible part of the ‘iceberg’ of legal work in Poland.

Depending on the document issued, you will be able to change jobs without the need for a new document, you won’t need a visa to cross the border, and your stay in Poland will be legal. A residence card in Poland guarantees up to 3 years of peace of mind on formal matters.

Who will accompany on your journey to work in Europe

A guide that leads you through the world of applications, attachments, and offices.

The formalities required for a foreigner to enter the European Union are not easy. Obtaining the necessary permits involves completing numerous documents, filling out relevant applications, and submitting them to the appropriate authorities.

You might wonder, ‘Why do I need a guide?’ With the right preparation and knowledge, the process can be simple and transparent. All this ensures that it will be completed in the shortest possible time.

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