Poland temporary residence card processing time

Poland temporary residence card processing time

We will now address the topic of the timing of obtaining a residence card in Poland, which is a key issue for those wishing to live or work in Poland for an extended period of time. A residence card is a document that allows foreigners to stay legally in Poland after the visa period and is a key element in the process of integration into Polish society and the labor market. Below I will provide a comprehensive overview of the application process, waiting time and factors affecting the entire process of obtaining a residence card in Poland.

Poland temporary residence card processing time?

The waiting time for processing an application for a residence card can vary and depends on several factors, such as the type of card applied for, the occupancy rate of a particular provincial office, as well as the individual circumstances of the applicant. According to Polish law, a decision on a temporary residence card should be made within 90 days from the date of submission of a complete application, but this time may be extended if additional checks are required.

How to reduce the processing time for Poland temporary residence card

Factors affecting waiting time

Various factors can affect the waiting time for a residence card, including:

  • Completeness and correctness of the documents submitted – deficiencies in the documentation can significantly prolong the entire process.
  • the occupancy of the office – during periods of increased number of applications, the waiting time may be longer.

The need for additional verification of the applicant’s data – for example, in case of doubts about the authenticity of documents or in situations requiring additional security checks.

Poland temporary residence card processing time?

When applying for a residence card in Poland, it is crucial to prepare properly for the process, including gathering all the necessary documents and planning enough time to wait for a decision. It is also advisable to keep track of the status of the application and maintain contact with the office to address any problems or concerns on an ongoing basis. Foreigners should also remember that having a valid residence card is a prerequisite for staying legally in Poland after the visa expires.

A thorough understanding of the process, proper preparation of documents and patience are key to successfully and efficiently going through the process of obtaining a residence card in Poland.

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What is a residence card?

A residence card in Poland is a document issued to foreigners that confirms the right to live permanently or temporarily in Poland. There are different types of residence cards, such as temporary residence card, permanent residence card and long-term EU resident card. Each of these documents has different requirements and is issued for different periods.

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processing time for Poland temporary residence card

Application process

The process of applying for a residence card in Poland begins with gathering the appropriate documents that are necessary for the application. The required documents may vary depending on the type of residence card applied for, but generally include:

  • a completed application form,
  • a current passport photo,
  • photocopies of all pages of a valid passport,
  • evidence of a steady source of income,
  • possible documents supporting the purpose of stay, such as employment contract, university enrollment, marriage certificate, etc.
  • Confirmation of the fee for processing the application.

Application for a residence card must be submitted in person to the relevant provincial office responsible for the applicant’s place of residence.

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