Your comprehensive guide to obtaining a work permit in Poland

Your comprehensive guide to obtaining a work permit in Poland

Are you considering pursuing employment opportunities in Poland? Securing a work permit is a vital step in making your professional aspirations a reality. Whether you’re aiming for a temporary residence and work permit or a seasonal work permit, understanding the process is essential. Let’s delve into the details of obtaining a work permit in Poland.

What is Temporary Residence and Work Permit?

A temporary residence and work permit grant foreigners the right to work legally in Poland, provided they have a legal basis for residence enabling them to work in accordance with the regulations. It’s crucial to note that even with a valid work permit, foreigners cannot work in Poland if they are staying on a visa not intended for employment purposes or a temporary residence permit granted for short-term stays.

comprehensive guide to obtaining a work permit in Poland

What is conditions for work permit?

Work permits are issued based on various employment scenarios, each with its specific conditions. Changes to the conditions of employment outlined in the permit may require obtaining a new permit, with some exceptions such as changes in the employer’s details or working conditions due to specific circumstances. Remember that your future employer is obliged to apply for a work permit.

Employer Obligations:

Employers hiring foreigners with work permits have specific obligations, including verifying the validity of residence permits, concluding written contracts, providing copies of work permits to employees, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and taxation requirements.

Declaration of Entrusting Work to a Foreigner:

For certain countries and employment situations, a declaration of entrusting work to a foreigner may be required. This declaration is entered into the register of declarations by the relevant labor office and entails specific conditions regarding the duration of work, remuneration, and other factors.

What is Seasonal Work Permit?

A seasonal work permit is obtained by employers intending to employ foreigners for seasonal activities specified in relevant regulations. The permit is issued for a specified period, usually not exceeding nine months in a calendar year. Extensions may be granted under certain conditions.

Application Procedure and Fees:

The application process for work permits varies depending on the type of permit and the foreigner’s location. Employers typically submit applications to the competent authorities, and fees may apply depending on the type of permit sought.

Navigating the process of obtaining a work permit in Poland requires careful understanding of the relevant regulations and procedures. Whether you’re seeking temporary or seasonal employment, ensuring compliance with legal requirements is essential. With the right guidance and preparation, you can successfully obtain a work permit and embark on your professional journey in Poland.

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