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We have been thoroughly familiar with the Polish labor market since 2016, observing its changes, development directions, and the needs of workers, not only Polish but mainly foreigners. Throughout our journey, we have encountered stories of individuals punished for illegal stays, forced to leave Poland, or deceived by dishonest intermediaries.

On the surface, coming to Poland may seem simple; however, never forget that there is a lot of paperwork you should complete beforehand. Why is this so important? Learn about the stories that inspired us to establish a business dedicated to legalizing the work of foreigners, whether they are aspiring to come to the Republic of Poland or are already employed here.

We were inspired
by your stories

Irene returned to work in Poland after a six-month break. She worked as a nanny for a 5-year-old girl and loved her job. Her employers treated her like a member of the family, and she had full confidence in them. However, it turned out that over time, Irene did not notice that the contract they had signed was no longer valid and had not been formally renewed, making her work no longer legal.

Her employers did not renew her contract, nor did they pay the contributions due. The whole situation came to light when Irene sustained an injury to her hand while playing with her charge and sought medical attention. Irene’s employer was fined, and she is now awaiting a ruling on whether she must leave the country. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for her!

Irene, Philippines

We were inspired
by your stories

Shadi, came to Poland two years ago to work at a window manufacturing plant. He found the job through one of the employment agencies. His adventure began promisingly: a new job, new friends and new experiences in Europe, which quickly became his second home.

Shadi initially obtained an A permit, which the employment agency, which was the employer, produced for him. Immediately upon arriving in Poland, Shadi had a legal advisor prepare and apply for a residence card. Then, in the busyness of everyday life, he forgot. After nearly a year, he remembered the fact. Unfortunately, he failed to contact the legal advisor, and his application was not submitted to the office. Shadi was unfortunately cheated, the service he paid for was not provided, and he himself lost 12 months of waiting for his residency card. Fortunately, at the last minute of the validity of his visa, it was possible to apply for a unified residence and work permit for him.

Shadi, Philippines

We were inspired
by your stories

Raymond entered Poland on a tourist visa. He wanted to find a job and return to the Philippines to get all the paperwork done. He succeeded! He found a job, in his profession, he was to work in one of the restaurants in a big city. His employer informed him that he would complete all the paperwork from Poland and that there was no need for him to return to his home country. This is how Raymond began his work, which turned out to be illegal, despite the signed contract.

Raymond was deported as a result of an inspection with his employer, and was also banned from entering Poland for six months. He used this time to prepare and apply for a new proper visa, he found a job through a verified employment agency.

Raymond, Philippines

What do we do?


Illegal work in Poland risks deportation, a ban on entry to the Schengen zone and a financial penalty. Sound serious? Yes it is! Don’t take the risk, you are on the right page to gain peace of mind about your legal employment. A temporary residence and work permt in Poland can provide this assurance for up to 3 years.


Have you already decided to come to Poland? We welcome you to our country, but remember the importance of the legal basis for your stay. Obtain a national visa, also known as a long-term visa, allowing you to enter the Republic of Poland for more than 90 days. With this visa, you can also work in Poland.


Are you preparing to enter the Republic of Poland? Make sure you have completed all administrative formalities – this is no joke! Illegal border crossing and unauthorized work carry serious consequences. Our guidance on obtaining a residence permit is dedicated especially for you. We will explain the current rules in detail, provide information on what to do and how, and even assist in preparing the necessary documents.

By offering our services, we aim to ensure that you won’t face the challenges the heroes of the story did. We want you to legally enter Poland and take up employment in our country. So, where do we start? In the first step, you’ll be asked to describe your current situation, enabling us to determine if we can assist you. Then, in the second step, you’ll sign a contract with us, specifying the details of the service implementation and the associated payment.

And the services will be realized for you by our specialists:

We work with experienced consultants, lawyers and services, so that we are distinguished by a very high level of competence in this issue. Learn the opinions of those who have trusted us and write to us.

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