How to make an appointment for a Poland work visa: a step by step guide

How to make an appointment for a Poland work visa?

If you’re gearing up to embark on your professional journey in Poland, securing a work visa is your first step. But how do you go about scheduling an appointment at the consulate? We’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide.

  1. Accessing the e-Konsulat System: To initiate the appointment scheduling process, you’ll first need to register through the e-Konsulat system. Visit the official website to get started. Please note that access to the appointment registration content may be restricted based on your location for security reasons.
  2. Choosing a Date and Time: Once you’re logged into the e-Konsulat system, you can select a suitable date and time for your appointment. Keep in mind that if your preferred date is unavailable, it may indicate that there are no slots available or that the Consular Section is closed.
  3. Two Ways to Apply for the Visa: There are two primary methods to apply for the visa:
    • Directly at a consular office via prior electronic registration on the e-Konsulat portal.
    • At the Visa Application Center (VAC) by appointments via their website
  4. Additional Information:
    • Collection of visa decisions, passports, and other documents does not require registration through the e-Konsulat system. The consular staff will provide you with the precise collection date during your initial appointment.
    • Collection of documents other than visas typically occurs on designated days, with notification from consular staff upon readiness.
    • It is important to arrive no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
    • The office is closed during Polish public holidays.

Navigating the appointment process for your Poland work visa is made easier with our guidance. Let time2legal assist you in making your professional aspirations a reality in Poland.

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