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Are you preparing to enter the Republic of Poland? Make sure you have completed all administrative formalities. This is not a joke! Illegal border crossing and illegal work carry serious consequences. Our guidance on obtaining a residence permit is dedicated especially for you. We will explain the current rules in detail, provide information on what to do and how, and even assist in preparing the necessary documents.

Did you know that each voivodeship office may require additional documents for issuing a residence and work permit? The process can take several months, and even the smallest deficiency can extend the waiting period by a month. Can we help you? Absolutely, that’s what we’re here for. We will answer all your questions and guide you through the administrative procedures, ensuring you don’t get lost in the maze.

Obtaining a residence card – it’s easy with us


Analysis of the current status of the residence and work rights of the Client or his/her family members based on scans of documents sent by the Client (passport, other documents).


Provision of information about the process of legalization of residence and work in Poland Consultation may concern both the foreigner and his/her family members.


Obtaining a residence card

Legal residence and
 work in  Poland

Legal residence and work in Poland requires familiarization with the necessary documents, procedures and laws governing these matters. To this should be added the interpretations and individual approaches of the authorities.

If applying on your own, you should contact the relevant authorities or institutions such as the consulate, voivodeship office, employment office for full information and support in the process of applying for a residence card. One thing is certain: according to many foreigners, this is the most convenient form of legalizing their stay and work. So don’t give up, contact us. We will take care of all the deadlines that need to be met, the formal entries in the applications and attachments to them. You will receive your document within a few months.

It is important for you to remember that the basis for legal work is your residence on the territory of the country of Poland. Otherwise, your work may be recognized as illegal and you may be subject to serious sanctions: financial, deportation and entry ban.

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I recommend them, very nice guys, always in touch. I will make my next card only with them.

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I thought there was nothing I could do about the permit rejection, but they helped me! thank youuu!

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What is the difference between a residence card and a visa in Poland?
Wondering whether to apply to a visa center? First of all, let’s find out the difference between a visa in Poland and a residence card.

What does a residence card in Poland allow?

A residence card is a document that allows you to stay in Poland, unlike a visa, for a long period of time. A residence card is issued for a period of one to three years.

What does a visa for a foreigner in Poland provide?

National visas give permission to enter the country of the Republic of Poland and the possibility to stay there permanently or for several consecutive stays of more than 90 days during the period of validity of the visa.

Polish law provides for different types of visas in the country. Visas can vary depending on the period of validity (from 3 months to 5 years), the number of travel authorizations (single entry, double entry, multiple entry) and the grounds for issuance (tourist visas, student visas, work visas and others).

You can choose what is best for you, a visa or a resident card. If your goal is short-term travel, the better option is to apply for the visa. If your goal is a long-term stay, you can choose the better option – is a residence card. For the visa consultancy, please contact us. We can assist you with the entire your visa application process, from choosing the right type of visa to applying and gathering the necessary documents.

There are different requirements for a student visa, a tourist visa, work visa business Visa, Dependent Visa, and Visitor Visa, investor visa etc. You must understand the specific requirements of the visa you are applying for, fill out your visa application form and follow the other processes to get your visa.

What types of visas are issued for Poland?
There are different types of visas. A visa to Poland can vary, depending on the period of validity (from 3 months to 5 years), the number of travel authorizations (single entry, double entry, multiple entry) and the grounds for its issuance (tourist visa, student visa, work visa, business Visa, Dependent Visa, and Visitor Visa, investor visa etc)

Depending on the purpose of travel, there are different types of visa:

Short-term Schengen Visa C (this visa is issued once, twice or multiple times. This visa is issued for a validity period not exceeding 90 days in a period of 6 months). It is issued not only for Belarusians, Ukrainians, Moldovans, but also for Asians, such as: Filipinos, Indians, etc.

The Schengen visa, which is limited for stays within the territory of the Schengen Area.

Transit Airport Schengen Visa “A”.

The long-term National Visa D (entitles you to stay in Poland during the period of validity of the national visa, in addition to staying in the territory of other Schengen countries and this visa to Poland is issued for a maximum period of validity of up to 90 days during each 180-day period, which is counted from the date of entry into the countries of the agreement). This visa for Poland is issued for a maximum period of validity of up to one year. Remember that a long-term visa to Poland cannot exceed a validity period of more than 1 year.

I have a tourist visa, can I work in Poland on it?

There are different types of visas, one of which is a tourist visa.

A tourist visa for Poland is a permit for entering the country for tourism purposes only.

It allows you to explore different cities in Poland at any time.

A tourist visa is issued for a maximum of 90 days during each 180-day period. The tourist visa is issued not only for Belarusians, Ukrainians, Moldovans, but also for Asians such as: Filipinos, Indians, etc.

Do I need to apply for the visa when I have an up-to-date residence card?

If you’re wondering whether you still need to apply for a visa at the visa center when you already have a residence card, the answer is no. Therefore, there’s no need to submit a package of documents to the visa application center when you have a residence permit. You should still remember that you must have a valid residence permit based on your current purpose of stay. If you are uncertain about your current situation, consider booking a consultation.

Does the company take responsibility for the services of the residence card consultancy?

Absolutely! For all our services, you sign a contract where we outline the exact terms, price, and scope of the service. This ensures that the service you are utilizing is not only timely but also completely legal.

What is a residence card?

A residence card is a document that confirms the identity of a foreigner during their stay in the territory of Poland. It is issued based on the granted residence permit and confirms that the individual has already obtained one.

Documentation package you will need for a residence permit:
  • 4 biometric photos of 35 x 45 mm size, taken not earlier than 6 months prior to your application date
  • original receipt of stamp duty payment
  • – a legible copy of your passport – all pages from the first to the last page
  • a legible copy of your employment contract or assignment agreement and all attachments thereto
  • a certificate of absence of tax arrears – can be obtained from the tax inspectorate at the place of residence of the foreign citizen
  • pages 7 and 8 of your application for a temporary residence permit – can be obtained in our kit
  • document confirming legal residence and work on the territory of Poland:
  • copy of the residence card/permit
  • copy of the declaration of work assignment registered at the district employment office or work permit type A
  • copy of the temporary residence and work permit in case of continued employment
  • in case of exemption from the need to obtain a work permit: a diploma of graduation from a secondary school in Poland or a valid certificate from a university on the continuation of studies of full-time students.
When to apply for a residence card?

You should start to apply for a legal residence permit and a work permit BEFORE your existing documents expire. This will help you to avoid difficulties related to legal residence in Poland.

A residence card - what are the main advantages?
  • The residence card offers the following advantages:
  • The residence card offers the prospect of citizenship in the future.
  • The residence card (temporary or permanent) allows you to stay in the country legally.
  • The residence card gives the prospect of future citizenship. A foreigner can get a temporary residence card, then a permanent residence card, and the next step is to obtain citizenship.
  • The residence card allows you to leave and enter the country.
  • If you have a residence card, you do not need to extend your visa.
  • The residence card allows you to receive social benefits, for example, for children under the program 500+, etc.
  • The residence card allows students to work legally.
Visa application. Is it true that it can cost around a few hundreds of dollars to some thousands of dollars?

The cost of the visa is variable depending on the category of visa and your location. It can cost around a few hundreds of dollars to some thousands of dollars at some countries.

How long does it take to get a Visa?

Visa processing times depend on the visa category and your location. It can take around a few weeks to some months.

What are the administrative fees for obtaining a residence permit?

Cost of administrative fees for obtaining a residence card

  • 440.00 PLN – fee for a temporary residence and work permit
  • PLN 17.00 – the fee for issuing a power of attorney.
Do I have to visit the office in order to get a residence permit?

YES! Your supervisor will prepare your application for you, can help you to collect the package of documents for the residence card and send them to Voivodeship Office, but after he will call you for fingerprinting, a personal visit will be required. Your supervisor can accompany you during your application visit.

A residence card: is there a risk of refusal?

There are cases when the residence permit and the plastic card can be canceled. The most common reasons:

  • when applying for a residence card, the foreigner concealed the truth or provided false information
  • the foreigner has been entered in the register of undesirable persons to stay in Poland
  • the foreigner has submitted a false set of documents for a residence card
  • the purpose of stay in Poland has changed or has become irrelevant
  • out of the interests of security and order
  • the foreigner is in the process of obtaining refugee status or asylum.
  • the foreigner is outside Poland
  • the foreigner has not undergone biometrics (fingerprints have not been taken).
Visa consultancy. What documents are required in order to obtain the visa?

In order to prepare the visa application process, please prepare:

  • A 3.5 x 4.5 cm color photograph. The photo must be:
  • clear, taken on a white background and printed on high quality paper,
  • not older than 6 months,
  • taken straight on both sides from the top of the head to the shoulders, so that the face occupies 70-80% of the photo. Headgear for the photo must be removed. There are also requirements for people who wear glasses: the frame should not cover the eyes, glasses should be transparent, no tinting and anti-glare.
  • a passport issued within the last 10 years, valid for at least 3 months from the date of expected return, with at least 2 blank pages for visas.
  • a copy of the passport page with correct personal details and photograph.
  • health insurance valid in the territory of the European Union for the amount of at least EUR 30,000.
  • copy of the document proving your identity and legal residence in the consular district of the post office where you apply for the visa.
  • documents confirming the availability of sufficient financial means for the entire period of your intended stay in the Schengen area (in particular, a bank statement for the last 3 months or a certificate of current income from your place of work for the last 3 months).
What is a business visa and is it true that it can be up to 5 years?

What is a business visa? Business visa is an analog of Schengen visa with a decent validity period – up to 5 years. The business visa allows a foreigner to stay in Poland for up to 90 days per semester.

Besides the fact that the business visa is valid for up to 5 years, and the business visa can be issued quickly if everything is in order with the visa application form and documents.

How do I make a payment for a service? How much will I pay for it?

We start by signing a service contract. The contract specifies exactly how the service will be provided. From the moment you sign the contract, you will have 3 days to make the first payment: 300 euros.

Once we have prepared the visa application package for you, we will ask you to pay – 600 euros before we send it to you. Here you will also have 3 days to make this payment.

Once you receive your visa for Poland, we will send you a link to pay the remainder of our fee – 300 euros. Here you will have 5 days from receipt of your visa to make this payment.

Please note that at each step of the payment process, you will receive a customized payment link from us via the platform.

Please note that at each step of the payment process, you will receive a customized payment link from us via the platform.


The price does not include consular fees for the issuance of the visa to Poland.


How much is the consular fee paid at the consulate for the visa aplication in Poland?
To apply for a Polish visa you have to pay 80 euros.
What is the waiting period for the visa to Poland?

The Visa processing times are variable depending on the category of visa and your location. It can take around a few weeks to some months.

In order for you to get your visa as soon as possible, use the visa support service, we will fill in your application to the center and prepare all attachments. In this way, we will avoid any shortcomings and your case will be processed without any difficulties. However, we are not responsible for the consulate’s decision or the length of visa processing times (it takes to process the application itself).

To expedite the processing of your visa, we will promptly complete your application and prepare all necessary attachments. This proactive approach minimizes the likelihood of any shortcomings, ensuring that your case is processed smoothly. It’s important to note that while we take steps to optimize the application, we cannot control the decision-making timeline of the consulate or the overall processing time.

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